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Disinfestation and Disinfection in the Algarve

Environmental Friendly Pest Control

With the arrival of summer, come unwanted insects and rodents that may be lurking in your home or business premises.
With friendly family products, Gaser a company of fumigation and disinfection in the Algarve since 1982, specializes in the cleaning and disinfection of hospitals, hotels, tourist resorts, condominiums, private homes, campsites, airports, boats, factories, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, canteens, kindergartens and schools, among others.

Gaser strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible by always using a variety of environmentally friendly organic products as well as products that are recommended by the health and environmental authorities for their disinfection and disinfestation services.
"What characterizes our services is quality, 24-hour availability, professionalism and credibility, and the fact that we ensure that all our customers will be completely satisfied with our services because we have many years of experience" said the owner Piedade Soares."We have the best human and material resources available to respond directly and effectively to pests," he added.
With the arrival of heat, also come plagues of potatoes and termites.
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